On the farm we are doing more than selling plants, we are creating an emotion or feeling. We hope to cultivate smiles and a sense of peace. We hope that you enjoy your time at Wyatt Farms as much as we do. Thank you for letting us share it with you.

The Sheep & Goat Pasture
Enjoy petting and feeding the goats on your visit. They are quite friendly and enjoy visits from the public. The sheep are new to the farm, they are very gentle but still a little timid.

The Courtyard
This peaceful lawn area is surrounded by Limelight Hydrangeas and flanked on either end with Yoshino Cherry Trees and a romantic Rose entwined gazebo.

The Butterfly Sanctuary
Butterflies' favorite nectar plants are planted in this garden to attract many butterfly species. Our Silkie Chickens also call this area home.

Wild Goose Pond
The pond is fed by two small creeks that run through the property. You are more likely to find turtles than fish in this small pond, but the geese love to call it home.

The Woodland Trail
Wyatt carves trails through out the woods in his spare time. Start just past the goat pasture, cross the bridge and the trail leads up the hill and back around to the Wild Goose Pond.

All are welcome anytime!