One half of the art studio is where Roger Stevenson creates his paintings. Equanimitas is latin for 'at peace with the world'. A phrase that Dr. Stevenson carries quite well. Proceeds from all of Dr. Stevenson's paintings go to the Greenwood Genetic Center here in Greenwood, SC.


pARTners in CLAY
Five potters occupy the other half of the art studio. Turning, glazing, firing and much more keeps the potters busy creating their clay masterpieces. Each with a unique approach and style to their work. The pottery studio is open for tour and to purchase pieces 3-4 times per year.

The pARTners:
Beveryl Burton (864)992-7777
Phyllis Collins (919)606-6763
Linda Neely (864)223-3132
Michelle Liggett (864)367-2916
Hannah Poe (864)223-9738

wyatt partners in clay 4.JPG

Adult Clay Parties
Enjoy an afternoon with your friends, creating a clay keepsake. Clay parties are an opportunity to learn how to make a particular clay piece. For Clay Party details, please contact Beverly Burton.
(864) 992-7777

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